About Yes Motoring

Explore Our Services. In-House Financing Is Available


At Yes Motoring, you can expect a one-stop car dealer for pre-owned cars with a comprehensive range of before & after-sales services for instance an in-house financing


In addition, our extensive range of pre-owned cars, are thoroughly inspected and everything accounted for to ensure that buying a pre-owned car from us is a fuss-free process.


With Yes Motoring, we help you in every step of the way and lead you to the most satisfying purchase. After all, we only want what is best for our customers, that is, you. All pre-owned cars are thoroughly inspected. Furthermore, we also provide customised loan packages to suit your need plus discounts and courtesy car for your insurance packages.


We can also appraise your car if you are thinking of selling it and we also have many direct buyers that can match your car. Our experienced appraisers are well-trained and extremely efficient in securing you a competitive and fair offer.


Just let our experienced staff guide you through every step of the way to make sure that everything is covered and accounted for, ultimately helping you to complete the deal with a peace of mind.


At Yes Motoring, we strive to provide you the ultimate experience in buying and selling cars.