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Cosmo’s intercourse tips miss out the point (the most useful advice)

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Alongside advice for relationships, beauty and fashion, Cosmo happens to be well known because of its loud intimate content, which appears to have a bias toward outlandish sex — leading numerous feminine visitors to believe their intercourse lives aren’t spicy enough.

The mag boasts hot headlines like “60 How to Please Your Man” or “Things you would Do,” and draws the reader’s attention into the magazine’s glossy pages laden with beautiful, half-naked men and women entangled in each other’s arms that he only Wishes.

In general, the mag shows females how exactly to please males and never the other means around. Apparently Cosmo thinks the onus is in the feminine partner in a heterosexual relationship to help make the intercourse and closeness exciting in one single method or any other.

The advice this is certainly written by Cosmo informs visitors concerning the prerequisite to be better within the bed room, making the intercourse everyday lives of supposedly effective ladies to be extremely erotic and scandalous.