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Most of the Vintage Automation Triggers. In this specific article, you will read about most of the classic automation triggers.

Mailchimp classic automations deliver automatic e-mails whenever brought about by a customer's task, or perhaps a date that is certain a birthday celebration. You need to use a preset automation that is tailored to your targets, or get imaginative with customized causes.

In this specific article, you are going to read about all of the classic automation triggers.

About causes

A trigger may be the action that begins a classic automation. A certain product for example, Mailchimp can send an automated email when someone subscribes to your audience or purchases. Mailchimp provides a broad collection of preset automation kinds with integrated causes, including abandoned cart e-mails to a straightforward welcome message.

If Mailchimp's preset automations do not match your advertising goals, it is possible to produce a fresh, custom automation with your triggers.

Whether you are using a custom or preset automation, it is possible to usually replace the trigger for you personally. To find out more, read Edit Automation e-mails.

Available automation that is classic

Listed here are most of the trigger choices to pick from once you create or edit an automation that is classic.

Campaign activity

These causes assist you to target associates who're subscribed to your e-mail marketing.

Trigger Name Action
Sent campaign Triggers a contact that delivers to customers whom received a campaign that is specific.
Exposed campaign causes a contact that sends after a customer starts a particular campaign.
Not opened campaign causes a contact that delivers to members that do perhaps perhaps maybe not start a particular campaign.