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Ladies in Southeast Asia. Women in Pre-Modern Southeast Asia

The 11 nations of Southeast Asia include over 550 million people. The region is characterized by the relatively favorable position of women in comparison with neighboring East or South Asia despite great linguistic and cultural diversity. This has been explained by a number of factors: usually, kinship had been traced though both maternal and paternal lines; a child had not been a burden that is financial of this extensive training of bride price; a married couple often lived with or nearby the wife’s parents; females had prominent functions in indigenous ritual; their labor ended up being important in agricultural, and additionally they dominated local markets. With time, but, the rise of centralized states therefore the spread of brought in philosophies and religions (Confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity) increasingly privileged men and stressed female subordination. Although such impacts had been many noticeable one of the elite, the potency of regional traditions had been constantly a moderating force.

Women and Colonialism. When you look at the nineteenth century Southeast Asia’s financial resources and strategic position between Asia and China generated increasing involvement that is european.