PFLAG Nationwide Glossary of Terms

PFLAG Nationwide Glossary of Terms

The effectiveness of language to contour our perceptions of other folks is enormous. Precise usage of terms in relation to gender and orientation that is sexual have an important effect on demystifying lots of the misperceptions connected with these principles. Nevertheless, the language of both will continue to evolve, and there’s maybe maybe not agreement that is universal the definitions of numerous terms. Below are a few working definitions and types of commonly used (and misused) terms as a starting place for discussion and understanding.

AFAB: Acronym meaning Assigned Female at Birth. AFAB individuals may or may well not determine as female some or all the time.

Affirmed Gender: An individual’s true sex, rather than their sex assigned at delivery. This term should change terms like brand brand brand new sex or plumped for sex, which mean that an individual’s gender ended up being selected.

Agender: c2c sextpanther relates to somebody who will not determine with any sex.

Ally: A term used to explain an individual who is supportive of LGBTQ+ individuals as well as the community, either individually or being an advocate. Allies include both heterosexual and people that are cisgender adovocate for equality together with LGBTQ+ people, in addition to those people who are LGBTQ+ who’re supportive of other identities in the community.

AMAB: Acronym meaning Assigned Male at Birth. AMAB individuals may or might not determine as male some or at all times. (Identify Gender)

Androgynous: Having aspects of both masculinity and femininity. An androgynous person, whether expressed through intercourse, sex identification, sex phrase, or intimate orientation, is recognized as an androgyne.

Aromantic: relates to somebody who will not experience attraction that is romantic. Sometime abbreviated as aro.

Asexual: relates to a person who will not experience intimate attraction. Each asexual person experiences relationships, attraction, and arousal differently. Asexuality is distinct from celibacy or intimate abstinence, that are opted for actions, for the reason that asexuality is just a intimate orientation that doesn’t necessarily involve either of these actions. Often abbreviated as ace.

Assigned Intercourse: The intercourse this is certainly assigned to a child at delivery on the basis of the child’s visible sex organs, including genitalia along with other real faculties.

Assigned Gender: The sex this is certainly assigned to a child at delivery, which could or might not align making use of their intercourse at delivery.

Assumed Gender: The sex other people assume a person to be on the basis of the gender and sex they have been assigned at delivery, in addition to obvious societal sex markers and expectations, such as for instance real characteristics and indicated faculties.

Binding: the entire process of tightly one’s that is wrapping in purchase to reduce the look of having breasts, usually simply by using a binder.

Biological Intercourse: Refers to anatomical, physiological, hereditary, or attributes that are physical see whether an individual is male, feminine, or intersex. Included in these are both main and sex that is secondary, including genitalia, gonads, hormone amounts, hormones receptors, chromosomes, and genes. Usually also referred to as “sex, ” “physical sex, ” “anatomical sex, ” or especially as “sex assigned at delivery. ” Intercourse is oftentimes conflated or interchanged with sex, which can be more social than biological, and involves identity that is personal also.

Bisexual: relates to somebody who has got the convenience of attraction—sexually, romantically, emotionally, or people that are otherwise—to the exact same, also to people who have various, genders and/or sex identities as by themselves. Individuals who identify as bisexual do not need to have had experience—or that is equal quantities of attraction—with individuals across genders, nor any experience after all: it really is attraction and self-identification that determine orientation. Often described as bi or bi+.

Cisgender: relates to a person whose sex identification aligns aided by the one typically from the intercourse assigned in their mind at delivery.

Closeted: defines somebody who just isn’t available about their orientation that is sexual or identification.

Being released: for those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer, the entire process of self-identifying and self-acceptance that continues throughout one’s life, therefore the sharing of these identification with other people. Often referred to as disclosing (see Disclosure below). People usually recognize a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender/gender-expansive, or queer identification within on their own very first, after which might elect to reveal it to other people. There are lots of examples of being down: Some can be out to buddies only, some can be away publicly, plus some could be out only to by themselves. It’s important to keep in mind that being released is a remarkably individual and experience that is transformative. Not everybody is within the place that is same it comes down to being down, and it’s also critical to respect where every person is with in that means of self-identification. It really is as much as every person, separately, to choose if when to turn out or reveal.

Demiromantic: utilized to spell it out somebody who experiences attraction that is romantic a intimate connection is made.

Demisexual: utilized to spell it out someone who experiences attraction that is sexual an psychological connection is created.

Disclosure: a word that many people used to explain the work or means of revealing one’s transgender or gender-expansive identification to some other individual in a particular example. Some discover the term offensive, implying the requirement to reveal one thing shameful, and would like to make use of the term being released, whereas other people find being released offensive, and like to utilize disclosure.

FTM/F2M: A trans person that is male/masculine was assigned feminine at birth.

FTX/F2X: A genderqueer or gender person that is expansive was assigned female at birth.

Gay: The adjective used to explain folks who are emotionally, romantically, and/or physically attracted to people associated with the gender that is samee.g., homosexual man, homosexual individuals). In contemporary contexts, lesbian is normally a term that is preferred ladies, though lots of women utilize the term gay to explain on their own. People that are homosexual will not need to experienced any experience that is sexual this is the attraction and self-identification that determine orientation.

Gender: a couple of social, emotional, and/or traits that are emotional usually influenced by societal objectives, that classify someone along a spectral range of guy, girl, both, or neither.

Gender-Affirming Surgical treatment (petrol): surgery which will help individuals adjust their health to more closely match their natural gender identification. Not all transgender individual will want or have resources for surgery. This term should always be found in host to the older term intercourse modification. Additionally often described as sexual reassignment surgery (or SRS), vaginal reconstruction surgery, or transition that is medical.